Our Mission

The Camarillo Cougars is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the Camarillo community serving young athletes in the sports of football and cheerleading. We are dedicated to encouraging our young athletes to achieve their best on the field, in the classroom and in the community. We are proud members of the Gold Coast Youth Football League (GCYFL). Our league optimizes players positions based on their weights to help provide a safer matchup between players on the field. The GCYFL follows a research based weight classification system, which promotes safety first and assists each coach in determining which positions each player is eligible for.



The Camarillo Cougars are a proud member of the Gold Coast Youth Football League (GCYFL). The GCYFL developed research-based weight divisions that took effect in 2010 and was recently updated in 2015. The weight divisions further improve the safety environment for all players and provides a better opportunity for more children to participate in tackle football regardless of size or experience. Most importantly, the GCYFL has a separate D2 (American Conference) introductory level specifically created for new, smaller and less advanced players. 

The GCYFL Age & Weight Committee completed a thorough examination of player registration data in 2016. With more children gravitating to one or two sports at a younger age, a change was due. The Committee analyzed factual data to determine trends in participation and division placement based on a player’s age (maturity), weight & skill-set. The Committee identified specific areas where players were being under served and/or were at a disadvantage due their placement. Based on the findings, the committee effectively grouped players into the most appropriate division to ensure a safer and more equitable playing environment. The league has 19 chapters, and some play on state-of-the-art field turf, while all chapters have working score boards. In addition, all GCYFL chapters and coaches are required to be certified with USA Football and the Heads-Up program. 

Based on our research, we believe the GCYFL is the best and safest league in Southern California. That's why we are here!