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2018 American League Champions



The Camarillo Cougars Football program has divisions for young athletes ages 6 to 13. The athlete's age and weight will determine which team the athlete is placed.

See the chart below

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Safety First

Heads Up Football is about the safety of our athletes. Parents and players are more aware of football safety than ever. The Camarillo Cougars Organization is among the 7,000 youth football leagues across the country that have responded by enrolling in this unique program that advances player safety through education and nationally endorsed standards.

The Camarillo Cougars  Youth Football Organization is dedicated to providing youth football players a safe, competitive, and economical league for players of all ages.  Our league was originally formed to meet the safety concerns of playing youth football.  Players playing under the GYCFL league rules which  includes the Cougars play on teams and against teams with players of similar size, age, and weight.  The league also limits the responsibilities of the players based on weight so that heavier players are not playing positions that smaller players will have to engage.  That being said the cougars and GYCFL have developed a weight classification system that promotes safety first but allows for top competition and players to play positions they are best suited for.  That's what sets us apart.  We are an evolving league that changes with the needs and concerns of our athletes and their families.

The board of directors is also dedicated to providing the best value for your experience.  Compare our registration fees to others and you will see through fundraising and outside sponsors we have kept our fees more than competitive.  We provide top of the line equipment, facilities, and uniforms for the best price!

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2018 American League Champions